addo experience updates 10/26/17

Here are some key updates –

15 course tasting – 

The 15 course tasting menu runs from Thursday through Saturday and is booking with more than one two seat or four seat experience at a time.  We have more space now so bring some friends. The seats are sold in pairs, if you’re a single diner or have a group larger than two then shoot us a message and we’ll accommodate, we can hold up to 20 at a time. The old two seat experience will turn into the chef’s table which will launch with certain events and will always have a charitable contribution attached to it.  I’m sticking with the current price of $125 for the 15 course tasting menu through the end of the year then will decide if it needs to go up or not from there.  I want this to be in the 20-25 course range by the end of first quarter 2018, needs to be there! Click here for tickets. 

Toast v. Toast – 

Brunch (Toast v. Toast) is live with more dates.  Doing these on Sunday’s and seatings will start at 11:30am.  If we need to go to Saturday, because of demand, we’ll do that as well, but I want to keep it light for now.   Tickets are $35 per person and will give you a bunch of composed toasts and a bubbly toast right off the bat included in the price.  As always, we’ll accommodate dietary restrictions and we’ll have fun doing so.  Click for tickets  Waiting an hour in line for brunch sucks, buy a ticket, come eat here instead.

Old School Puerto Rican Dinner 10/28 – 

Is sold out!  I have added a charity chef’s table to it that will benefit World Central Kitchen.  Jose Andres has been driving the food program in Puerto Rico to get fed so it’s definitely appropriate that we help them do more. 3/4 of the ticket price will be donated to them and you will receive a $125 credit to a 15 course tasting menu.  Click here to purchase. 

11/9 – I’M A CHEF 

Tickets are moving along nicely for this.  You should definitely be a part of this as twelve up-and-coming chefs collaborate on twelve courses served by them in our new space!  CLICK!

Cooking Classes – 

Taking the month of December off from these so buy what’s available now!  All of these are in the new space as well!  SO that’s awesome!

10/29 – Thanksgiving Tune-Up
11/1 – Vegetable Cookery 
11/8 – Knife Skills 
11/15  Stocks, Sauces, and SOUPS too!

Lechonera & Richard

Lechonera’s will happen on Wednesday’s, once per month
Richard’s burger pop-ups will happen once a quarter.  Both happen right cooking classes so if you book the cooking class on that date you’ll get a free ticket to either the Lechonera or the Richard’s Burger pop-up through the end of the year, what a dealllllllll.

Lechonera (click)
Richard (click)

11/11 Local & Tourist – 

This is a new experience that I will be doing once per month.  This is a peek into the SILVA menu when that launches.  12 courses exploring Washington from a local’s perspective and a tourist’s perspective.   What does that mean?  Think clam chowder but with a very different northwest take.  This is a very elaborate menu that takes you on a trip from the shore of the west coast of Washington and takes you throughout the state course by course.  I’m partnering with Airbnb on this and am opening this up to newsletter subscribers as well!  Click to book 


12×12 is live and for sale now!  There are three dates for these, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16.  12 artists have been given a 12″x12″ canvas that they will paint then send back to us then I will be creating a dish based off of their art to serve to you.   12 diners at a time will be part of this in our new space.  Check out bookings for this here! The art will be available for sale as well so you can take a souvenir home for yourself! Book it!

addo:adana 12/7

Chef Shota Nakajima, from Adana, and I are going to collaborate on a 12 course dinner.  This is going to be really special as we will be featuring northwest ingredients with our own takes on them. Click for tickets!

Puerto Rican Christmas! 12/17

Mom and I are going to be doing another dinner together.  This time it’s Christmas and we’ll be doing classic Puerto Rican dishes with sometimes a twist because of me being a weirdo. Beverages included in the price.  Join us! 

New Year’s Eve 12/31.  Do I put the date or not? Ummm, sure

Two different experiences available for that evening.  A shorter earlier menu that will feed you before you go somewhere and get weird then another later seating menu that will have an expanded passed apps and cocktail hour, the tasting menu, and more delights and treats!  Early Seating, click. Countdown Seating, click. 

There are more experiences in the works. Some that will happen before the end of the year and I’m planning a bunch more for 2018.  It’s supposed to be this way.  addo.

Thanks for reading and supporting!


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