addo: #1


Hola hola,

Just wrapped up the first day of addo.  It was a 10-course dinner, and it went insanely fast, at 45 minutes for the entire meal.  My friend Nathan, who has been to a lot of my dinners since returning to Seattle, was my first test subject/diner.  He is a photographer, and someone that is a true fan of the food industry.  Check him out here (click).

The addo template and dishes will continue to evolve with each new dinner.  It’s a fluid menu, in which I am book-ending a series of three ingredients on the front side of the menu, then finishing with those three ingredients in different preparations.  For a long time, I made a point to resist repeating ingredients on a menu, as I thought people would think I was combining prep, or just being lazy.   Doubling the ingredients has provided a new challenge that I am gladly taking on, and when that gets played out I’ll do something else; this is addo, and I’m enjoying the fun in this approach.

Here is a copy of the menu.  This is another challenge, as I have terrible handwriting, but want it to feel like the menu can’t keep up with the constant changes.  I’m excited.


If you would like more information about how you can addo, please send me an email and I will put you on the newsletter with more information, time, dates, and pricing.

See you tomorrow!



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