Addo: Pop-up to Permanent

Addo means inspire in Latin. It’s time to inspire!

I’m starting a new venture.  Addo is a pop-up dinner series that I will be holding here in Seattle in hopes of finding a permanent space for this concept to land.  I am constantly being asked by people why I don’t have my own restaurant so this is my way to make that happen.  I need to attract investors and people who can help me reach my dreams of creating a restaurant so here we go!

What’s the plan?

I will be creating a newsletter that I will be sending out to people that sign up with additional information.  This newsletter will have dates for dinners as well as additional information that you can find on here.  I’ll do my best to keep this blog updated with dates and whatnot but the newsletter will be updated first.  Shoot me an email at to sign up. I’ll be sending it out tomorrow with a lot more information!

There will be different themes for the dinners that I will be doing. A lot of it will have to do with the resources available at the spaces that I will be cooking at so prices and availability will vary.  I have a space now which I will be doing dinners five nights per week which you can reserve now.  These dinners are going to be intimate with two seats per night and one turn (for a total of four people served per night).  It’s a one man show right now and I’m starting from the ground up.   This will give me some time throughout the day to hustle and find more spaces, places, and diners!

So sign up! Email me!



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