Food blogging: A little different, and a newsletter.

IMG_4833I haven’t posted in a long time and I think this is definitely the time to do so.  I’ve been busy for a few years and kind of lost track of time in the world of food blogging.  A lot has changed since I was actively doing it 8 years ago.  During my first year I had 1500 posts because I’m a maniac like that.  It’s not that I wasn’t creating things or working on things I just found it difficult to share.  Instagram is easy and super efficient and it doesn’t really require me to write anything more than a word or two.  I’m a pretty horrible writer so I stick to pictures and cooking more and more but I want to keep people in the loop rather than posts on Facebook which is closed off to people I know and whatnot.  So here we are!

I don’t think that I’ll be able to write on this blog as much as I want.  I have thought about doing a podcast for years and a youtube channel as well.  I need to get a few more things going in that department to make it happen but it’s something that I will make happen by the end of the year, which is super exciting!

As far as what’s going on with me professionally I’m the executive chef of the Alexis Hotel. Bookstore Bar, Author’s Corner in Seattle. It’s pretty great because I have the chance to make whatever food I want and have a chance to explore cuisine even further than I ever have before.   I’ve been asked by guests to do a newsletter about the goings on there so I wrote this a little earlier so you can also have a glimpse as to what I’m up to in the food world!

Newsletter Time


I was asked by a few people last night to start a newsletter about the goings on of our upcoming projects so here we are.  If you don’t want to be included on this list just let me know and I’ll cease sending you emails.
Thank you so much for joining us yesterday for our chef’s incubator dinner at the Author’s Corner space at the Alexis Hotel.  It was very exciting to share the space with you as well as give chef Emmanuel a space and place to show off his upcoming project Pan y Agua project. I know he’s trying to get it off the ground for fall and is actively looking for spaces to make that happen which is really cool.  In the meantime, he does work here at the Alexis with me on lots of different projects.
We have a lot of experiences that we are in the process of launching.  The more people we get to attend these allows us to keep on pushing further so if you like something then tell some friends and book!
Here are some upcoming events that you can purchase tickets to now.  If you have larger parties or odd numbered parties please contact me directly so I can create a custom link to purchase tickets. I always sell tickets in groups of two and four.
Afternoon Delight.   This is our brunch tasting menu that we do every Saturday and Sunday with seatings at 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, and 12:45.   We recently changed the format and have an all-new menu as well. Our approach to this is very much like a dinner tasting menu that celebrates all things brunch from around the world.  It’s been featured in the NY Times, Bon Appetit, Eater, and lots of other press publications.  Click to check out ticket information
Local.   It’s a nine course tasting menu telling the story of Washington.  You start at the coast and work your way throughout the state.  The menu changes every week with and we serve this on Friday nights, for now.
Chef Incubator Series.   This gives up-and-coming chefs a place to show off and show what they are working on and gives them an opportunity to have a place to tinker their own concept.   We do these on the last Sunday of every month.  I’m going to be adding more dates for these soon as I have received really good feedback, might go midweek as well.  Additionally, if you know anyone that would want to have their own night then send them my way to talk more!  I’m always looking to help chefs/cooks/whomever have a voice.
Upcoming dinners –
Charlotte Glaves – Forager Dinner.  6/25
Brandon Silva and James Akase – Hawaii. 7/30 (not for sale yet)
Arlin Anthony – Street food Truck Concept 8/27 (not for sale yet)
Rosé Dinner.  This is a 9 course dinner paired with wine that is included in the price.  It happens on 6/23. Here is the menu for that (wine pairings haven’t been decided yet).  Only 12 tickets available for this.
1st NW Caviar 
2nd Clam & Mussel – rhubarb chimichurri, sprouted potato
3rd Grilled cherry – almond, foie
4th Morel – barley, sorrel 
5th Tingly Duck – apple, szechuan pepper
6th Salmon – corn, potato, nasturtium
7th Rose Popsicle
8th Rose macaron
Rose truffle
Rose chocolate
9th Hottest Hot Chocolate
Upcoming Experiences – (let me know if there is something you would want to see and if you want me to remind you to buy when they come out)
Tourist. This is the expanded version of Local. It will hover around 17 courses and will give a more in-depth tour of the Washington.  Launching in July. This will happen on Friday’s and will be sold as an accompanying menu to Local.   Pricing will be $175 per person without tax, gratuity, alcohol.
Food & The Arts – I’m going to be collaborating with local artists where they will have paintings on display and I will create dishes inspired by their art. This will feature 9 artists and will be 9 courses.  Looking at October for this. Pricing has not been decided.  This will be a one off dinner.
Thanksgiving –  A modern take on an American classic.  This will be our second year doing this and we will definitely be bringing the firepower a little more this year.  Will be 13 courses  This will be on Thanksgiving.  Pricing has not been decided.  This will be a one off dinner.
Christmas Eve – We did this last year and it was pretty fun.  Again, it’s a modern take on traditional Christmas food fare and will be 12 courses.  This will be on Christmas Eve.  Pricing has not been decided.  This will be a one off dinner.
Make sure you follow us on instagram to get a lot of R&D, behind the scenes, and random things that happen for these dinners.  Check it out here (i have three accounts….totally normal…..ugh).
You can always email me here as well. This is my personal email so don’t hesitate to reach out.  I’ve never written a newsletter so ta-da!  Which reminds me….. I have a blog from a loooooooooooooooooong time ago that helped me in documenting my food and ideas.  I tore it down and it lives as more as a contact site now but I’ll add the information from here on that site as well.
Thanks for reading!  Thanks for supporting what we’re doing at the Alexis!



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