Terikayi – V1




Join me over the next week as I dive into Teriyaki.  This will be an evolving post so check back when you get a chance!

You’re going to see the process I use to recreate a dish, test it, evolve it, and push it forward.  Most likely, the original teriyaki at Happy Teriyaki #3 will be an astounding deal and super delicious but this a chance to give them their proper tribute for having a hand in feeding me as a child. Hat tip to them for being awesome and for my parents having a go to place for feeding their kids growing up in Olympia, WA.

A little more explanation 3/30/16.

Chicken Teriyaki.

It’s a dish that I grew up eating a lot of in Lacey at a place that we frequented regulary, Happy Teriyaki #3. At the time, when I was between the ages of six and ten, we were up to our peak in eating teriyaki two to three times a week. My dad was stationed somewhere in the world defending and fighting for the right to have a couple of crazy Puerto Rican kids that were very active in school activities (baseball for me. swimming and ballet for my sister) My mom was working full-time at a bank and would work the nine to five then shuttle my sister and I around to our activities and use the teriyaki place as a pit stop on the way home to refuel.

Terikayi……we would have three orders each. It would come with rice and a little salad. Cool. This is great. It’s inexpensive, it fills me up with a chance to have leftovers! If mom wasn’t cooking then it was this or another place we will dive into later. Sometimes we would dine in and sometimes we would call ahead depending on how the day was going but either way it was this or rice and beans again with bistec (which growing up I hated onions but I now I can’t get enough of them).

Wait, there is another option for teriyaki? Oh yes, a combination plate that can also be ordered with beef or pork or gyoza (gyoza was fancy sounding to me at the time so that was always saved for a special time). Order after order after order and each time something that would make me happy to eat.

Before I go much longer and you read this crazy rant let me explain what I’m about to do here. I’m taking a trip. Well, whoever (is it whomever? I’m a garbage writer so if you have an issue with grammar then this is probably where you should skip over this post) is going to be reading this over the next few days is going to see me explore teriyaki over a series of posts so get ready, sit back, and look at food on the internet.

What is it?
What makes it taste good?
Chicken, beef, gyoza?
The rice!
The sauce!
The salad!
How should it be served?
What’s the evolution (Super simple to extremely fancy)?
The questions keep going and going. This is how I develop and you’re going to see my process.





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