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I grew up in Olympia, Washington. A jack of all trades of sorts, I majored in biology with a minor in music before pursuing a career running a successful mortgage, insurance, and financial services business. However, I felt that his true passion was the fun and excitement of being in the kitchen that I learned from my grandfather, cooking together in Puerto Rico. So, I sold my house, closed my business, and attended culinary school (Art Institute of Seattle) while working full-time (Seastar then Blueacre).  While I was still in school I was promoted to sous chef at Blueacre in Seattle. While working, the opportunity to work for Alinea in Chicago came along where I made the jump and quickly became the Director of Culinary Research Operations for the restaurant group where I worked for three and a half years.  I moved back to Seattle to work as the Director of Culinary Operations and innovation where I helped the Huxley Wallace Collective develop and open four restaurants along with menu reconcepting for two of their previous properties. I am now consulting on new restaurant projects and looking for more great opportunities.  









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